I Wish I Were An Idol Judge

And if I were, I would first praise Ryan Seacrest for being as smooth as silk and dependably affable.  Ben Mulroney, you could only dream of ever coming close to Seacrest’s level of professionalism. 

After that, I would walk up and down beside the Idol panel and slap each and every one of my fellow judges on the forehead for being pandering fools when it comes to legally blind contestant Scott.  He belongs in an airport Holiday Inn lounge.  The guy is so far out of his league, it’s laughable, and yet they heap praise on his weak and wobbly voice and weird stage presence every week.  Many non-sighted singers have it.  This guy does not.

Derek nailed it last night: Alison has an amazing voice but she looks like Pebbles Flintstone!   If she put a dinosaur bone in her spiky red hair, you’d think you were watching the cartoon.

I predict Danny, Lil and Adam will be in the finale and if Adam keeps going like he’s going, not just performing well but actually reinventing songs we all know and love, he’s going to take it all at the end.  I surprise myself with how hooked I am on this season of Idol.  Anoop, Scott, Megan – enjoy the summer tour because that’s about as good as it’s going to get for you three.  Apparently past winner David Cook sings tonight.  Bring it on!