Month: April 2009

Pop Culture Musings

My media brethren really must put the brakes on the significance of Susan Boyle’s talent to…insert analogy here.


I’ll be at the Green Living Show on the Ex grounds Saturday and Sunday, as part of the team showing the Zero electric motorcycle.

Bullied by Teens

I had just started down my street to go get my doggie pal Echo for a walk when some idiot kids in a passing vehicle tossed a full pop can at me, narrowly missing me, and spraying me with ginger ale.  The can struck the sidewalk as I fixed my eyes on the speeding car …

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Shopping News

Lots of news on the retail front in London.  My favourite go-to mall is being reborn as a mixed-use building, mostly because of the reasons it’s my favourite.  It’s almost always nearly empty. 

Jamaican Adventure

I wasn’t at all surprised to hear that Canadians were being held hostage aboard a jet in Jamaica.  I loathe that island and tell everyone who asks that they should go somewhere else for their vacation. 

Spreading my Freelance Wings

How delightful to wake up to my feature on wedding trends published in today’s London Free Press. 

Doe A Deer, A Female Deer…

A drop of golden sun lured four of us to ride motorcycles out to Arkona to conduct a bit of business on Thursday.  Three bikes, four people, beautiful conditions.  It’s what riding is all about.

Personal Responsibility

Oh this is rich.  But let me first say that this is not a rant against men.  It’s a rant against two men. Two rich, egomaniacal, self-centred and overly pampered men who believe they do no wrong.  Now that that’s on the record….

Suckered In

Listening to Tucker and Taz on the FM96 morning show the other day, they yakked about a photo on their webpage of a wee tree that supposedly grew in a Russian man’s lung.

Antiquated Anchors

I was shocked this week by the number of broadcast and print outlets that used a sexist approach to describe the death in Afghanistan of yet another Canadian soldier.