Please Fence Me In

The broken fence is fixed but only grudgingly so.

When we last left the fence saga, we had learned that under the property standards bylaw, the city would have put the blame on us for the sections broken by our neighbours because the pieces had fallen on our lawn.  We were advised to not lodge a complaint because of this so we didn’t. I called my councillor whose office investigated and found that bad fences are a civil matter so our only recourse was to hire a lawyer. 

You may recall that our neighbours are the managers of a retail plaza.  We share the quiet side of the lot, the backside of  the stores and restaurants.  It’s actually been quite nice to have these particular neighbours and much more pleasant than, say, living beside a big house with a pool full of screaming kids.  We count our blessings.  But when the snow removal company contracted by the property managers shoved the snow into the fence so hard that it collapsed, we tried repeatedly to get them to fix it.  A couple of unenthusiastic guys came out once and left a big post but that was about it.

Since then, we have shooed kids off the flattened fence and we seem to have acquired a cat.  (I’m not feeding it but it visits daily anyway!) In the past week, the post has been stolen and several planks of the fence, broken in half.  So we took action and by we I mean Derek.  Holiday Monday morning he righted the fence, bracing the broken parts and fastening it well so it stands strong, even if it looks a bit like a Frankenfence.  As far as we’re concerned it can stay like that.  It’s erect, it keeps kids off and cats out and it’s a fine job done by one industrious man. 

I have no time or respect for those who don’t right their wrongs and this property management company has really dropped the ball.  I’ll be sending a letter to the owner of the plaza to voice my unhappiness.  They’re probably completely unaware that anything happened but I’m sure they’d rather have a happy neighbour than a disgruntled one.