Please Do Not Adjust Your Blog

I will continue to fill this space with whatever my head needs to empty from day to day but the routine may have to change.

You know how in some SNL skits, when they want to show time lapse, they turn the hands of a clock quickly? That’s what  mornings feel like for me right now!  It’s new again to wake up to an alarm but 6:20 beats the heck out of 2:30!) And I may not always have time to write in the mornings as I have been doing.  So if there isn’t something freshly baked when you check this space, it’s likely still in the oven!

A shout out to Dan Brown, the online editor for the Free Press.  In the delightful rush of the trip to Sudbury on Friday and a busy long weekend we missed the fact that this little bit of webspace was included in his “best of the blogs” in the Freeps on Saturday.  How nice to be noticed and quoted!  Dan printed a couple of ranting paragraphs I wrote about the Tamil protests.  He is totally plugged into who’s blogging about what and it’s cool that someone even cares. I began this venture as a means to express myself and to practise writing.  That you spend part of your day reading it continues to be a surprise and a delight to me.  Thank you!  And thanks Dan.