Soldier of Garden

I’ve declared war on weeds, specificially the dandelion crop on our front lawn.

Some wise people have told me that if I am tenacious and pull out all of this year’s weeds, it will be easy to maintain the lawn by occasionally yanking out those that follow.  The ground is nice and moist right now from lots of recent rain so the dandelions are coming out roots and all.  It’s a very satisfying feeling even if it has cost me all of my fingernails on my right hand.   I have my new tool to thank.

No more bending. No more crouching.  It’s the length of a short shovel and has a foot pedal on it.  You place the retracted claw over the centre of your weed, set it down, step on the pedal while pulling up and – voila! – out comes your nasty weed!  It’s pretty cool. 

When I’ve had a little time here and there, I’ve managed to extract most of the weeds from about 2/3rds of the front lawn.  It’s obvious that there’s only a small patch left to do.  And I can’t give up now or my work up until this point will have been in vain!  So the fight continues.  I’m told that next year’s spring crop of dandelions will be smaller still, and so on.  If I keep seeding with grass seed and working with my handy pedal puller, victory will eventually be mine!