My New Day Job

I’m thrilled to be telling you that I’m starting at 1039 FM here in London as the midday personality!

If you’re local, you may remember 1039 being branded as “the Hawk”. It’s made some shifts in focus and it’s now The Greatest Hits, a sort of hybrid of classic rock and some carefully chosen oldies.  Two longtime and much-loved hosts anchor the morning and afternoon shows, Jeff McArthur and Leigh Robert.  It’s a fun station and an awesome soundtrack to life!

I start training on Tuesday.  Different station, different computer formats, different approach on the air.  You may be wondering, hey, what is a news anchor doing on a music program?  First answer: having fun.  Second answer: I cut my radio teeth on music.  For nearly half of my career I was a music-based host and I’m jazzed about doing it again.  Check out the station at and listen online if you care to.  I already know some of the people I’ll be working with and they’re good, fun, smart folks.  And they insist that I bring cookies on my first day.   It’s either tradition or they’re just messing with the new kid by telling her it’s tradition! I’m thinking, chocolate chip.

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  1. Congratulations again. This could be tricky. I’m sort of hooked on what??????

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