Starting Monday With A “Meh”!

After watching Celebrity Apprentice all season, my first ever, we pretty much had to see the entire THREE HOUR finale. 

By the time they got to the boardroom it was clear they had heavily padded 30 minutes of content to create 2.5 hours of airtime.  I haven’t seen that kind of stretching outside of a yoga class.  Joan Rivers won.  It was really The Donald’s call and Annie Duke, the poker player, had played the game much better.  But whatever the combed-over, tangerine-skinned mogul wants he gets and his old friend got the nod.  Mere seconds after his decision, they cut and the show was over.  How anti-climactic!  The real winners are all of the worthy charities that got thousands of dollars and free publicity.

Let me be the millionth Canadian to wonder aloud, why oh why were the Tamil protesters allowed to take over the Gardiner Expressway for several hours yesterday and block traffic and strangle the city of Toronto?  Not only that, how is such a protest supposed to get us onside and put pressure on our government for their cause?   All they’ve succeeded in doing is pissing everybody off.  That tactic always, always has the opposite effect to the one intended.  When will people learn?

Now a non-meh item: I’ve had some inquiries about You Want Fries With That, our chip wagon that’s been idle at Hickory Corners all winter.  It is on the move!  We hope to be open this weekend, and definitely the next, on Arkona Road at Custom Motor Sports, our new home.   May 23rd is CMS’s open house and Zero Motorcycle demo ride day.  More on that to come!  But our amazing fry maven, Lydia, will be back and the recipe remains the same.  Fresh cut fries sizzled to perfection, served up straight or with gravy or as poutine plus the usual complimentary fare.  Betcha can’t eat just one!