The Optimism of a Wedding

My former colleague Leslie James married his love, Maryann, yesterday in a lovely and sweet ceremony in downtown Toronto.  

It really was a nice wedding and if you judge the event by the food – and most people do – it was a raging success!  Yum!  Feed me butter chicken on basmati rice and I’m a happy camper. 

There’s something about a couple exchanging vows that warms my heart.  Yeah, they’ll have to deal with paying bills and issues with their house and disagreements about things big and small but at the centre of it all, at the core, they have promised before everyone that they will put their bond first.  Sure, not everyone follows through.  It would be naive to believe in the happily-ever-after cliche here in the real world.  But I believe that most people enter into the commitment with the full intention of making it work and I know for sure that the couple we witnessed yesterday meant what they said.  Call me a hopeless romantic but it warms my heart and melts away the cynicism that can grow from surviving in this sometimes ice-cold world.  Congratulations Leslie and Maryann.  And thanks for allowing me to share that experience with you.