Too Many Tasks

I know I’ve taken on too much when on a precious Sunday – a “free” day – I just feel the need to stay home and catch up on chores.

Who doesn’t love to have fun?  But today I’m doing those things that make me feel grounded and ready for the upcoming week; laundry, food prep, house cleaning…not exactly exciting stuff! But I wonder if it’s a chick thing or a personality thing or what that makes me have to just stop the world and get off if I have let some stuff pile up around home.  I can’t stand chaos in my nest!  I have a couple of messy piles of papers on my desk and a few things scattered around that haven’t been put away, plus my tricky laundry – the hand-washing and delicate stuff – hasn’t been done in a couple of weeks and I need to give that some attention before one day I discover all I have left to wear to work is a bathrobe!

It’s boring and it’s mundane but I also think it’s important to have things somewhat organized.  It saves time when time is in its biggest crunch – weekdays, preparing to go to work.  So here I am, baking banana bread, preparing our lunches for tomorrow with laundry on the go and the vacuum about to be dragged out of its cocoon.  And although I’d rather be flitting about town and doing something under the heading of “fun”, I’m actually enjoying accomplishing what has to be done, though it’s not necessarily what I want to do.

2 thoughts on “Too Many Tasks”

  1. Wow. We are very alike. When I was a teenager I used to have to clean my room thoroughly before I could sit down to do my homework. I have to have things in order to be able relax and enjoy life – or else I feel it hanging over my head. I feel so productive when I’m crossing things off a list!

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