Tweet Madness

Twitterers beware!

The strangest thing happened as a result of having a Twitter account.  I got a notification that a woman unknown to me was “following” me.  That’s how it works.  And I always check the person’s profile to see if they’re a hooker or a scammer or a marketer. I have found some of each and deleted them.  But this woman looked legit and like she was also in media.  So I got curious and scrolled through some of the stuff she had previously posted.

One in particular looked interesting and it had a link, which I clicked.  Then all hell broke loose. My anti-virus software went crazy with alerts after the linked window popped up.  My computer locked up.  It took me forever to power it down.  What a mess!  And the window that opened from the link also looked very benign and ordinary. 

Beware the evil doers out there!   This one was very good at disguising him or herself from being revealed as a virus spreader until it was almost too late. If I didn’t have solid virus protect and a pack of wild cyber-dogs protecting my laptop I would have been screwed.  From now on, I’ll look at the profile and the picture but not give a hoot about what they have to say.