Whither the Weather

There’s been a lot of grumbling about how we haven’t “had a summer” yet here in southwestern Ontario. 

Even on the nicest, sunniest days the temperature has only been up to the high 20’s.  There have been no muggy, 30+ days.  And I say, Hurray!

Seems to me those hot, sticky days come with health warnings to stay inside if you’re old, young, have chronic health issues, feel gassy or breathe through your nose.  What kind of a day is that?  Sure, the healthy healthersons will continue to jog in air so thick you need a chainsaw to cut through it but for the rest of us it goes something like this: 1. Leave the comfortable, air-conditioned house.  2.  Venture outside and sweat from areas you didn’t even know could sweat, like your kneecaps and knuckles.  3.  Enter another air-conditioned building kept at a temperature normally reserved for maintaining ice. What kind of fun is that?

I will take today’s forcast any day: a mix of sun and cloud and a high of 21.  Sure, a few more degrees would be nice but this is perfectly acceptable.  After all, in my neck of the woods a day without a chance of rain is a good one.  Yesterday, several times, beautiful sunshine was madly taken over by the hardest rain you’ve ever seen – for five minutes – with more sunshine behind it.  London has some strange and unpredictable weather because of its proximity to so much water.  So a day when you can pretty much count on it staying dry is a good day.  I have no interest in baking in the hot sun and it’s perfectly OK with  me if those who want that kind of summer have to buy a plane ticket to go in search of it.  Bon voyage! I’ll be here, grinning, and not sweating at the knuckles, thank you.