Clearing out the Clutter

As you may have read here previously. we have put the You Want Fries With That trailer up for sale.  But that’s not all that’s being cleared out of our lives! 

We simply have too much stuff, too many interests and we’ve spread ourselves too thinly.  So we took an inventory of what we have and what we want and decided that some things are getting in the way of other things.

For example, we very much want to build a garage here at the house.  We have loads of room for it.  And we have enough equity in our acreage on Cape Breton Island to make that garage happen, or at least get a good start on it.  So … why keep the land?  We don’t have the means or the time to go out there, find a way to live there for several weeks and clear it.  For one thing, we have jobs and our bosses kind of like us to show up! Aside from the fact that it’s in a good location that we might not get again, we’ve only ever been out to see it once and all we could do was basically go, “Yep, there it is.  Trees!  Our trees.  Yep.  Those are our trees!”  That interest, effort and attention would serve us better here at home.  It was purchased with an optimism that we now can’t match with intention.

So it’s a clearout sale with never before seen prices!  LOL

We’ve been running madly off in all directions and now we’re prioritizing and freeing ourselves of anything that doesn’t get us closer to our goals.  And it feels really good to be taking this action to simplify our lives.