Something Completely Different

Today, for 3/5ths of my show, I’ll be broadcasting live from the John Labatt Centre during the London Knight’s last full practise before the Euro-Can Cup gets underway with game one tomorrow night.  Some of these guys are current Knights.  Some play in the NHL now and are coming back to support their old team.  The European Teams are from Germany, Austria and Switzerland.  I’m not exactly renowned for my hockey insight but I’m a fan of GOOD hockey and that’s what I’ve seen in the OHL games I attended last season.  This should be fun!  I’m live 9-2 on

Post broadcast: What a hoot! I talked to Sam and Dave Gagner, son and Dad NHL players.  Sam currently plays for the Oilers.  There’s a nice little familial rivaly going on there!

Brandon Prust with the Calgary Flames laughed when I offered him some crunchy almonds. (He broke his jaw last year but he has recovered!)

It was fun!  COLD…but fun.