Things I Learned This Week

A woman’s body can be identified by her breast implants.

In the tragic case of a murdered model it was revealed that her body was so badly mutilated that the serial numbers on her breast implants were used to identify her.  I didn’t know that it was possible.  I have this weird vision of each implant having its own bar code that’s scanned like a grocery item but I hope that’s not how it’s done.

Cheese took a lot of effort to make years ago and as one who loves cheese, I thank my forefather cheese makers.  I learned about all things cheese and curd at the Ingersoll Cheese Museum.  The town’s Harvest Festival was, sadly, rained out and we rolled in like tumbleweeds to check out the scene during a break from another event going on nearby.  We also watched a blacksmith do his thing and looked at some vintage tractors while the rest of the town apparently stayed home. 

Despite my rant about a banking issue earlier this week, I discovered that I was able to debit from the account that is essentially frozen.  I can’t transfer or withdraw funds from it but I can debit.  This was a revelation!  However, I apparently attempted to extract more than the phantom limit at the grocery store and was humiliated when the clerk said in a loud, clear voice:  IT’S DECLINED – INSUFFICIENT FUNDS!  Oh the funds are there alright, and they’re mine, I’m just not allowed to have them!  I didn’t say that, though.  Instead, I handed him another card and went on with my day.  My bank is quickly approaching Bell Canada in my mind as being among the evilest of evil empires.