Wardrobe Amnesia

Back when I was waking up at the crack of stupid I put this phenomenon down to a lack of sleep.  But even though I’m getting better rest and living along with most of the rest of the world, I still have it: A difficult time remembering what I’ve recently worn!

I probably need to develop a routine of not doing laundry as often, or hanging clothes in a more organized fashion, but as it stands right now, often times I can barely remember what I’ve worn to work a day or two earlier.  Sometimes when I go to slip on a sundress I have to stop and ask myself – did I just wear this a couple of days ago?  And what about the black and white one – have I worn that one recently??  Frequently the answer comes back as a big blank spot in my mind!

Some things are easier to keep track of, like the Cambio denim capris I have to hang to dry and iron inside out.  It’s not difficult to remember how they’ve rotated through my wardrobe because they’re so high maintenance.  But it’s the wash and wear stuff that often baffles me.  On a couple of occasions I’ve almost been out the door before I realized I was about to be seen in an outfit I’d worn just a few days prior!

Naturally the question to ask myself is, does anybody really notice or care?  Probably not.  But clothing choices have an impact on the wearer’s self esteem and I’d rather not go around all day feeling like I’m wearing the same thing all the time.  If only I could remember….

2 thoughts on “Wardrobe Amnesia”

  1. LMAO!!,.. almost out the door before realizing you were about to be seen wearing an outfit you’d worn just a few days prior?!!.. O.M.G.!!

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