How I’ll Remember Patrick Swayze

Patrick Swayze brought us some excellent entertainment over the years.

He got our hearts beating faster in Dirty Dancing and then shattered them in Ghost.  He had a reputation for being one of the rare nice guys in Hollywood with a long, happy marriage to one of his dance-teacher Mom’s students, Lisa Niemi, and a life mostly outside the tabloid glare – until his diagnosis for pancreatic cancer.  It sickens me that the grocery store racks are currently filled with one of those rags and its bold headline, PATRICK SWAYZE GOES HOME TO DIE!  I noticed that last week and thought, for crying out loud, leave the guy alone!  We KNOW pancreatic cancer is a tough one to beat.  Who’s buying these rags and fuelling this sick spinoff of journalism anyway??

When I think of Patrick Swayze I’m going to remember his legendary Chippendales skit with the late Chris Farley.  The premise is that they’re both auditioning for the final spot on a Chippendales roster and that it’s a tough decision for the judges – which is entirely ridiculous!  Swayze is physical perfection and a dancing delight. Farley is obese, sweaty and out of his element, and that’s where the funny lies.  Here is a link to the cleanest copy of part of the skit that I could find.  Notice how good Swayze is.  Not only is he dancing to save his career but he looks genuinely threatened that Farley might be a better dancer than him!  It’s a classic. Enjoy.