IF it is True…..

….it could be the karma that I have long believed would come back and bite former Attorney General Michael Bryant in the butt.

Bryant is the man who banned pit bulls. He was a reactionary and immature politician who was given to bouts of pouting and foot stomping.  I loathed him when he was in office and if it’s true now that he had an argument with a cyclist in Yorkville and ultimately ran that person over before taking off, I hope he gets muzzled and kept off the streets.  The cyclist died as a result of that altercation and the driver continued on and was caught pulling into a chi-chi hotel parking lot.  Bryant is being questioned and is under arrest as I write this.  If it was, indeed, him, I hope he’s frightened.  I hope he’s worried about his future.  I hope he is ready to experience a very tight leash.