My “Grateful” List

The other day, just for fun, I started making a list of the things I’m grateful for about working at 1039FM compared to my old life, at 680 News. 

Part of the reason for doing this little exercise is because a lot of the perks I previously enjoyed no longer exist.  There are things that go along with being on the country’s number one morning show that don’t translate into a smaller – albeit top 10 – market, hosting the midday show.  And that’s okay!   No complaints here.  I left of my own accord and reached my goals.  And although the salary can’t compare and here I’m not handled with kid gloves, there are other things that more than make up for what I’ve “lost”. 

1.  Leisurely strolls to the ladies’.  In the old days, a trip to the loo was a mad dash and a hurried experience followed by a dash back to the studio, drying my still-wet hands. 

2.  I rarely need the alarm to wake me up and when I do, it’s at a more civilized hour.  2:30 am starts are a thing of the past.  I can feel the improvement in my overall being.

3.  A life after dark.  I go out and do things in the evening with no chance of falling asleep halfway through, For the reason why, see #2.

4.  Less pressure and intensity.  I don’t have to be writing my next news story during a :60 commercial stop set or scramble to get details on breaking news as it unfolds.  Music radio content moves at a slower pace.  The music is the most important element of the programming, not whether I’m first on air with a fire in the east end. 

5.  Feeling part of the station as a whole.  I never really did get to know our salespeople at 680 because I was generally ending my day when they were starting theirs.  Here, I regularly interact with everyone, from sales to promotions to creative to…whomever, including my colleagues on the 3 other radio stations.  We have a talented, interesting bunch at Corus Radio London.   And I’m grateful and happy to be one of them!