Holiday Getaway

So we’re thinking about getting away over the week of Christmas. 

I’ve always wanted to throw convention out the frosty window and be someplace warm for Santa’s arrival and my partner in crime feels the same.  In fact, I’d truly love to live somewhere where winter doesn’t arrive at all.  Really.  I’ve had enough of winter.  What is the point of merely tolerating the weather for 5 months, wishing it was something other than what it was?  I have skied, sledded, skated, snowmobiled, snowshoed, sipped hot mulled cider and done everything else that’s supposed to make us forget you could hang a tree ornament on the frost in the air but it doesn’t work!  But I digress.

Christmas is the second busiest travel week of the year and therefore the  second most expensive, preceded by New Year’s week and followed by March Break.  Cruise ships jack up their rates because they can and the only destination that seems to slash prices in hopes of enticing travelers is Sin Ciy, Las Vegas.  That would be fine with me because the weather is dry and mild and there are plenty of things to do other than gamble.  As long as I don’t have to pull on thick socks and there’s no risk that I’ll see my own breath come out in a frosty cloud when I breathe, I’m good to go.  Arizona looks pretty good, too.  We could be motorcycling through gorgeous terrain to the Grand Canyon instead of shivering and wishing ourselves away.  Feel free to comment below on any destination suggestions.  Santa Claus will still be able to find us.  I plan to leave a google map of our temporary location alongside the milk and cookies.

2 thoughts on “Holiday Getaway”

  1. I suggest take a trip to Kentucky. Lexington in particular. It is warm (er), closer to Ontario and they have very cool places to visit and eat. Now if you like Belly dancing and other funky stuff , they have a cute place called Natasha’s cafe.The owners travelled to TO for inspiration and the results are amazing! So for a cheaper vacation but still with all the fun and outdoor things to do, try it out. You won’t be disappointed. God I should be on their tourism board!

  2. Thanks Al! I was in Lexington briefly many years ago when I hosted a bus trip to Nashville. I don’t remember much about it so maybe it’s time for a return visit.

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