So Long Old Friend!

CKNX-TV in Wingham has faded to black.  There’s no buyer so it became a signal without a home after the big TV debacle of ’09.

I was never a big part of the ‘NX programming day but I filled several roles in the 4 years I worked at CKNX radio.  I assisted Jim Moore on Reach for the Top.  It was my job to introduce the high school students who were taking part in that week’s competition.  That also meant interviewing them before we started taping.  I got very good at getting past their attempts to make a fool out of me!

I did the weather…once.   I hosted or co-hosted some specials and telethon segments.  I did an entertainment show and various things here and there but mostly it was the culture of having a TV station in the family that was cool.  We weren’t just a radio outlet, we had switchers and camera people and directors – and how much richer our lives are having heard the stories of long-time director John Day!

Now they’ve shuttered another outlet for local voices and stories.  They’ll tell you it’s not profitable and it’s too small and it’s hard to sell it to advertisers etc etc and maybe all of that is true but I know one thing for sure:  It’s a damn shame.

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  1. This brings back memories of when I lived in London during the 1960’s and watched the CKNX Ranch Boys on CKNX television. Thanks for the memory.

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