Taking the Labour out of Labour Day

It just doesn’t make sense to treat today like another, regular broadcasting day.  Fortunately my radio station sees it that way but many others do not.

So here’s what ends up happening.  The radio station’s regular morning show, midday show, etc. run as usual on this stat holiday even though most offices are closed, goverment workers have the day off and the morning commute isn’t a fraction of what it usually is.  It’s simply not a regular day.  And then, on what is a usual day, the staff are allowed to book off in lieu of the Labour Day holiday.

Does that make sense to you?  Make them work on a day when peoples’ listening habits are out the window give them a day off when everyone’s in their usual routine?  It makes not a lick of sense to me.  But it is the way some companies and radio stations operate.  There must be some sort of logic that I’m missing because I simply don’t get it and I’m so very grateful that I’m not being made to work today.

1 thought on “Taking the Labour out of Labour Day”

  1. The key in understanding these type of corporate decisions, is to recognize that there is no logic in corporate logic. I often have been bewildered by many decisions made within corporations over the years only to discover that most of them aren’t based in sound fundamentals but more on some form of instinctive sense of what’s needed or required. We’ve all seen what that gets us!

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