Tidbits of the Week

A person with the surname Trump, not greedy in the least?

How is that possible?  But it seems Ivanka Trump, Donald’s daughter, is not going to sell the rights to publish photos from her upcoming wedding, despite offers of millions of dollars.  From what I’ve seen of her on The Celebrity Apprentice, Ivanka is a smart , self-confident young woman and it appears she knows when enough is enough.  Her Mother gave access to her third and fourth weddings to the highest bidders and her Dad has never been known to turn down a dollar.  It makes one wonder where Ivanka  acquired such class.

The Jacksons are unhappy with the final cut of the film, This Is It, the documentary on Michael Jackson’s preparations for his 50 comeback concerts.  Various Jackson family members are complaining about the editing, saying it makes MJ look too healthy when the rehearsals were actually, in their words, killing him.  The Jackson Family Trust will receive profits from the movie and why anyone listens to what Joe Jackson has to say is beyond me but when he makes a peep, the papers go crazy. Now he’s saying the concert promoters are making sure the film, coming out late next month, shows Michael was in good shape and ready for the exhausting string of shows.  Joe claims they were actually exploiting Michael by making him work harder than he was physically capable of doing.  Still, the Jackson estate has green-lighted the movie.

I think my long on-again, off-again friendship with Stephen King may be over.  I haven’t been his most devoted fan over the years and there are many of his books I’ve skipped altogether but I quite like his short stories.  I like them as much for the entertainment value as for the lesson in how to write well because no matter what you think of King, he is a master storyteller.  But a tale in one of his latest collections disturbed me to such a degree that I put the book down and have no plans to pick it back up.  It started out as the story of a woman trying to recover emotionally from her baby daughter’s crib death – disturbing in its own way, for sure – and became her fight for survival against a psycho sex killer.  I was telling one of my colleagues at 1039FM about how much the story rattled me, it was told so well and in such excruciating detail, and she encapsulated my reaction.  “Women are afraid of enough REAL stuff that we don’t need more put into our heads to worry about.”  She’s right.  Regardless of the fact that most of us our surrounded by supportive, non-threatening men and women, we know deep down in our souls that we are somewhat vulnerable.  Being trapped by a crazy person with control over us is one of our deepest, rarely-articulated fears.  Who wants to live it vicariously?  I know I wish I hadn’t.  Even though King eventually makes her the victor in the lunatic’s game of cat and mouse – and even though you know that’s how it will turn out – what she needed to go through to get there is beyond reason.  So long Steve.  It’s not you, it’s me, really.  You’re just too good at what you do and I’m looking for something a little lighter to read before I fall into slumber.  Something that won’t give me nightmares.