New Site for Radio Types

Let me introduce you to

It’s a place where radio talent can post their demos and radio managers can go to listen.  It only makes perfect sense!  The site is a partnership between a radio veteran, Scott Russell at News 1130 in Vancouver, and Louis Hornung, a computer whiz, and it’s only been up about a month but it’s got buzz.

I’ll be writing a blog or two there and prodding visitors to myaircheck to get involved in some discussions about the business.  You’ll also notice an ad for my aircheck critiquing service there and my first ever banner ad for them will soon be on this site.  I think that our businesses are compatible and I truly appreciate the concept of uploading an aircheck or demo onto their site once instead of emailing out a huge file or – worse – making bunches of CDs and having to mail them out.  We live in a virtual world now and we’re all joined to our computers at the fingertips.  There’s no losing files or misplacing CDs with this service.  And it goes beyond radio to TV, models and actors, too. 

So if you’re in the biz and looking for a gig, I recommend using the site as part of your search and sending prospective employers there to check out your work in a professional setting.  And if you’re not sure what should go on our demo or whether your stuff is up to snuff, well, that’s where I come in.  

This concept of uploading your work is a great improvement over a flat text ad. You have to be heard to be appreciated.  As Billy Joel sang, “there’s a new band in town but you can’t get the sound from a story in a magazine.”