Driving to Distraction

The cellphone ban comes into effect on Monday. 

So it will be illegal in this province to be talking or texting on a phone while you’re behind the wheel, unless you’re handsfree.  I have a bluetooth headset but I rarely use it because I don’t make that many phone calls.  What I do – and I’m not proud of it – is send brief texts.  Usually I’m at a stoplight or some such thing but it’s still a dumb thing to do (so there’s no need to tell me so – I already know it!). 

Police will apparently issue warnings for the first couple of months and then start making examples of people.  I say, good!  Nine times out of ten anymore when you see some yokel weaving around or traveling way under the speed limit, it’s because they’re concentrating too hard on their conversation and not their driving skills. And its not just new drivers.  Older ones are even worse.  So we should all be safer on the road come Monday, right?  Wrong.  These drivers will simply find something else to multitask with – like ladelling soup into their pie-holes or knitting mittens.  Sure, the ban will help but it’s not going to prevent stupidity.  Except in my case.  I won’t text anymore when I’m in control of the vehicle.  Promise.  And that’s not necessarily because the new law will make me any smarter – it’s because I don’t want to get nailed with a fine!

1 thought on “Driving to Distraction”

  1. Changing your ways, I applaud you, every little bit helps. Unfortunately there will be many who won’t change there ways because they believe that this is just another infringement on their rights, or a stupid law. What a majority of drivers don’t realize or accept, is that driving is not a “RIGHT” BUT A “PRIVILEGE” and privileges are subject to the rules society establishes and may be revoked for those who don’t follow them.

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