Silly Walking to the Theatre

There are two types of people: those who get Monty Python humour and those who don’t. 

I’ve been a Python-head since I can remember.  I vividly recall my Mom, brother and I laughing our fool heads off over the weekly TV show, Monty Python’s Flying Circus.  It was low-budget, high-brow comedy, if you can call a cutout of the Queen moving along via a popsicle stick support emitting the loudest gas noises ever, high-brow!  A classmate and I once translated a Python sketch for French class.  Even today, I’m known to burst into a passage from The Holy Grail or Life of Brian and a fellow Python head will join in while those who don’t get it will stare at us blankly. 

Now the troupe is 40 years old and they’re celebrating.  Tonight, we’re going to a screening of a new documentary on the Pythons and Q and A with the surviving members, that will be out on DVD next week.  Bravo will be showing it starting on the weekend.  We couldn’t resist the chance to see it on the big screen in the VIP screening room with waiter service.  Like most things Python, I’m assuming this program will primarily appeal to the hardcore fans.  But like young kids who “discover” the Beatles and rock and roll, there are new Python heads born every moment, just waiting for the chance to meet a fellow follower and say a hearty “Ni!”.

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