Tweeting Entertainment

Elizabeth Taylor told me she was going into the hospital for a heart procedure before it made the papers and the tabloids.

I’m not delusional: I follow the legendary actress on Twitter and she let the tens of thousands of us know about her leaky valve before it got out to the rest of the world.  I also follow comics Sarah Silverman, Jim Gaffigan and Daniel Tosh.  They make me howl with their wit and absurdity.  I follow a real estate broker who posts industry news and a life coach to shares tips for better living.  I follow Erin Davis, Humble Howard, 680 News and News/Talk 980. 

People ask, what good it is to be part of a site like Twitter and I say, it’s good for news nuggets and to read in-the-moment thoughts of people I admire.  There are loads of folks I’d like to follow but I don’t have the time to read a zillion “tweets” every day. 

Never before in the history of celebrity worship has there been a way to truly connect with someone whose work you admire.  For them, it’s a one-way street and a safe method of reaching out and touching their fans.  For us, we learn the truth about things like heart valve repairs, before sleazy writers get hold of the story and blow it up into something it’s not.