A Very Good Year

It is one year to the day since I woke up in London as a local, for the second time.

I don’t know if I’ve told the story: I lived in this city in the mid-80’s and worked at what was then a top 40 radio station, in the vein of CFTR.  The radio market sizzled with excitement and the city became my adopted home.  It’s just the right size and there’s something about it that spoke to my heart. Alas, my radio career forced me to move on and away and I chose a different path for my life.  I can’t even say that London never got out of my system – it actually did.  It was a fond memory but leaving it wasn’t a regret.

But life is unpredictable and circumstances brought me back around to considering a move to London again.  And here I am, one fast year later.  I miss my friends in Toronto and some days I miss my job at 680 News – one of the most challenging and fulfilling broadcasting positions in Canada.  But for the first time, I don’t look toward my next move or wonder if I’m truly settled.  This is home.  I feel as fiercely protective of London as my city as I do of Canada as my country.  I guess you could say I’m planted here.