The Other End of the Microphone

Last night I appeared live on The Ben Guyatt Show on 900 CHML to talk about my recent article on open relationships, which appears in the current issue of Hamilton Magazine.

When my book came out in 2003 I did a lot of radio interviews to promote it and it was a fascinating journey.  Some interviewers were fun and and well prepared. Others went on the attack of celebrity culture and those who follow it as a hobby, namely me, as if I were some sort of blight on society.  The Iraq war was topping the news at that time and other US hosts simply wanted to take the opportunity to vilify me and my nation for not supporting the so-called war on terror.  But hey, that’s entertainment!  I was a guest on their shows and they could do what me what they wished as long as they got the book title correct!

But last night my career came full circle. I used to host a talk show on CHML (1995-99) and my producer was the incredibly smart and talented Peggy Chapman who now, in addition to being the lead investigative journalist for the Bay Observer newspaper, produces Ben’s radio show.  Ben and I also go way back.  He used to be a guest on my talk show on CHML and we’ve kept in touch over the years.  So you can see that it was the completion of a professional circle of life for me to appear on the program last night. 

As for the article, it’s not available online and once the next issue of the magazine comes out, I will post the article here.  For now, the unspoken agreement is that they buy the piece to run and help sell magazines and I don’t get in the way of that.  Meanwhile, I have no idea how I came off in last night’s interview.  My Dad said I was great but he always says that!  But it sure was nice to be among old friends again.