Money, Honey

Money spins the world, spins heads and brings out the true nature of people you thought you knew.

I’ve had some personal experience with that.  And compared to former supermodel Stephanie Seymour, I’m destitute.  Good thing I don’t waste time comparing myself to former supermodel Stephanie Seymour!

Seymour and her husband, billionaire pony breeder Peter Brant, are divorcing, and Steff is crying poor.  So a judge has ordered Brant, who reportedly makes 1.55 million a month, to pay her $270,000. a month. A MONTH.  That’s until their divorce is final and the alimony is ruled on.  Brant has suggested that perhaps Stephanie could shop for new clothes a little less than weekly and not pay top dollar for absolutely everything.  That would help, when a dress is $6 grand.  I don’t think she and I will be running into each other at Winners anytime soon.  Ever since Seymour married Brant she has been a “lady who lunches” and perched on her still-perky posterior while occasionally lending her beautiful face to make-up marketing campaigns.

Where is this woman’s pride? Where are the millions and millions she made as a model and why does she have to leech off of Brant?  I don’t know all of the circumstances of their relationship or if he was a boor, but I do know that no woman in the world needs a quarter of a million dollars a month in living expenses especially when she’s not earning a cent of it. But I’m sure that Brant has no recourse.  A judge has ruled it so.  It doesn’t matter what the payer thinks and you know darn well that the payee is doing cartwheels of joy.  Maybe that’s what she’ll be spending the money on – a good chiropractor, after doing all of those cartwheels.