Please Stand Up

Rihanna is having a sit-down on network TV to talk about being physically abused by Chris Brown.

Meanwhile, over on a cable channel, Chris Brown sits down to talk about why he’s a different guy since he beat up Rihanna.  Mariah Carey sits down on another talk show to talk about how Chris Brown and Rihanna aren’t the only singing stars who know about abuse because she was emotionally mistreated by former husband Tommy Mottola.  The Gosselins, Jon and Kate, have separate sit-downs on entertainment shows.  Kate talks about her wreck of a marriage and Jon appears with his current girlfriend who storms off the set because she’s not being paid enough attention, although she claims it’s because of something else. 

Chris Brown beat up Rihanna.  He’s a sick puppy and has been dealt with by the courts and in the court of public opinion.  He’s spinning as fast as one man whose mega-career might disappear can spin.  Rihanna was classy and quiet and now she’s flapping her pretty lips for anyone who will listen.  And don’t get me started on the fake family that faked itself for a TV show. The Gosselins rank next to the Kardashians in my opinion, as outright liars who are anything but real and interested only in fame and money.  But I digress.

You cannot avoid these stories.  The headlines alone permeate the soul of the innocent reader.  They have somehow morphed into what passes for legitimate news.  If only these sad folks would all simply stop sitting down and revealing their innermost demons and lightweight thoughts.  But that’s not about to happen because staying quiet doesn’t pay nearly as well as yapping like a Shitzu on crack.

2 thoughts on “Please Stand Up”

  1. Personally, if the media would completely ignore the sniffling, petty, self absorbed, neurotic unstable celebrities all together you won’t see me complaining! In fact I might even gain greater respect for the media who constantly seem to trip over each other trying to get the latest tidbit.

    1. It’s funny because I’m definitely on the inside when it comes to what is chosen to cover. And the media truly responds to what it thinks the audience wants! So “the media” can’t be blamed if the junk it churns out is being consumed. It’s a business after all. I think a lot of the responsibility lies with the tabloid magazine buyers. If Jon Gosselin’s ugly mug on a magazine sells a ton of copies, well, why wouldn’t what he does next make the cover too?

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