Older Cats

Actress Demi Moore thinks that being called a cougar is insulting.  She would rather be known as a puma.

Moore turns 47 today.  Her husband, Ashton Kutcher, is 31.  But Moore is right, she’s not a cougar.  A cougar is a woman around her age who is on the prowl for a younger man.  Moore already caught one.  A cougar, she is not.

This was all explained to me by broadcaster, philosopher and one of the funniest men I’ve ever worked with, Bill Cole.  He says that after cougar comes condor.   And after that?  Death, apparently.  But these women must be single to qualify for one of these names, which Moore finds derogatory.  I don’t find them insulting but then again, I’m not one of them either.  And to even things out we need to come up with names for men of similar and older vintages who prowl for younger women.  Men like Jack Nicholson for example could be called something that’s not sleek but pudgy and slow however still able to attract the young babes.  Gorilla, perhaps.  Or toad.

1 thought on “Older Cats”

  1. … a better question, why does society feel the need to categorize or name them at all? Societies innate need to pigeon hole or categorize everything truly amazes me sometimes. We simply can’t accept or allow things to be simply what they are unless we can fit them into some category. Why does a desire for companionship no matter the age have to be called anything.

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