A Christmas Miracle

We’re about to launch the great holiday getaway.

This will likely be a blog-free zone while we’re away, beginning next week.  I plan to also fall out of touch with Facebook and Twitter and the other ways of social networking in an online fashion.  And it appears that “skipping Christmas” isn’t an original thought this year, at all!  So far I’ve talked to friends who are going to Jamaica, Mexico, Mexico again and Cuba.  My brother, who’s on his motorcycle adventure to South America, plans to be in Columbia for Christmas.

The one thing we all have in common is that there are no young children in our lives for whom Christmas at home would be an important ritual.  Our only other living housemate, Phillip the aloe plant, is probably looking forward to the peace and quiet.  He has never really gotten the hang of unwrapping presents anyway and when he does you can almost hear his thoughts – “Great – another fertilizer stick! ”

So the gifts are already under the trees of their intended recipients and the trip we’re taking is our gift to each other.  It has been a remarkably low stress holiday season because of these plans and isn’t that a good thing?  I’m quite sure that no one intended for Christmastime to make our tummies churn and our nerves fray but too often, that’s how it goes.  But not this year, not for us.  We’ll be touring around on our rented Harley, with the wind in our hair and wide grins on our faces!