Not Holding A Torch

I’ve never made much of a secret of my apathetic feelings toward the Olympics. 

I’m happy for our athletes who make it that far and hope they do well but I don’t tend to get too wrapped up in it. The opening ceremonies are usually pretty cool.  But this particular torch run ahead of the Vancouver 2010 Winter Games has me shaking my head.

What the hell are Beverly Thomson, Ann Rohmer and Peter Mansbridge doing carrying the torch?   Athletes, former Olympians – them I understand. But several broadcasters were also chosen to run.  This, to me, seems too much like the observers becoming part of the story.  It’s all about money, of course.  Corporate sponsorship buys a leg of the run and puts your spokesperson or familiar face out into the relay.  I think it’s very disappointing.

The torch will spend Christmas and Boxing Day in London, probably resting in one of our finer hotels, lounging by the fireplace and ordering room service!  As far as it has gone and as far as it still has to go, it deserves a little r and r.

1 thought on “Not Holding A Torch”

  1. Regarding “Not Holding A Torch”…it’s nice to know that I’m not the only one who feels this way.
    In Ottawa we saw the same parade of CTV Personalities carrying the torch and posing for the camera.
    Okay…Carolyn Waldo I can understand but the rest…WTF ?
    Last night on CTV News I saw Lisa LaFlamme carrying the torch.
    I have been in the broadcast industry for 40 years and must admit I am a little disgusted to see promotion departments sinking to new and pitiful lows.
    I think it would have been different if CBC were the host broadcaster with everyday Canadians taking the spotlight .
    Maybe I’m just old school.

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