A Couple of Things Before I Go…

If you’re wondering why the death of actress Brittany Murphy is news, there are two movies that justify it.

Girl, Interrupted won Angelina Jolie an Oscar but Murphy was also excellent.  And she stole the movie Don’t Say A Word right out from under Michael Douglas.  She was a little waif of a thing with huge talent.  It’s never right that a 32 year old should die, no matter the cause.

Derek Edwards was hilarious at the Grand Theatre last night.  As a self-confessed stand up comedy freak I love to support good comedians and Edwards is a Canadian one at that.  He hails from Timmins, also the home of Shania Twain.   He says it’s like being the second best-known person from Bethlehem.  “No one remembers Harvey of Nazareth!” 

Timing is everything when you’re going on a trip.   You put lamps on timers.  You try to time the consumption of perishables so you don’t come home to a fridge full of fuzz.  As it stands, we’re going to have a couple of eggs resting comfortably in the cold long past their best-before date when we get back.  I think there’s a little tub of gravy back there somewhere and I doubt that even the leftover Kraft dinner is going to get consumed.  I think I”ll leave them until we return as a sort of experiment to see what colour they turn over time.   Who wants to clean out a fridge when Vegas awaits?

We have decided to take Derek’s little laptop with us so there may be an opportunity for an update or two.  Please have a Merry Christmas, a Happy Kwanzaa, a fabulous whatever you celebrate!