A Fractured Fairy Tale

Once upon a time there was a very rich and pampered golfer who lived in the land of I Can Have Everything I Want.

The golfer fell in love with a beautiful swimsuit model whom he married.  They enjoyed a long honeymoon on their yacht and the golfer told the world media that he was happy, content and fulfilled.  Soon after they got back to their version of the real world, something was different for the golfer so he decided that the best way to cope was to start having affairs.  He had lots and lots of affairs!  Some lasted a few years and some just a few hours.  Once he had to break a date with one of his mistresses because his wife was having his baby and he had to go to the hospital and pretend to be a loving husband at her side.

One day the wife decided to look at the golfer’s phone and found a whole bunch of naughty text messages between the golfer and other women.  The wife was very, very angry and hurt. She realized that while she was at home with the nannies and the staff and the children, the golfer was secretly meeting the other women so he could sleep with them. He even flew one to Australia to be with him there.  The golfer and his wife had a very big fight and the golfer ended up having a car crash.  Now women are coming forward from all over with tapes and text messages that the golfer had sent them.  The golfer says he is very, very sorry for hurting his family.  He’s very, very, very sorry that he got caught.  His sponsors who pay him millions of dollars to pitch their product are standing by him because they don’t know what a role model is. 

They will not drop him as a face.

They will not make him out of place.

Not in a race.  Not outer space. They will not, will not, act with grace!

The moral of the story is that someone else’s life isn’t always what it seems, money doesn’t buy happiness and even possessing rare and exquisite beauty doesn’t guard you from heartache.   And for goodness sake, when you’re married, keep your putter in your own bag.