Beeng Kairfull With Wurds

It really bugs me when words are misspelled.

The occasional error is understandable.  I’ve made the odd mistake in this blog and someone has usually been kind enough to point it out to me.  (Thanks Mom! Thanks Allan!)  But a chronic shrug over whether words are spelled properly is simply irresponsible and careless. And it makes the reader work twice as hard to comprehend what’s being written.

This fire was fuelled by scanning a message board this morning and seeing – for the millionth time – Eglinton misspelled as Eglington.  I know a businesswoman whose e-blasts are filled with errors.  I’ve gently suggested spellcheck and I don’t think it’s a retentive thing to remark upon.  Frankly, the impression she gives is of someone without much education who doesn’t care about details. And that is not what she is like! 

The written word is a fundamental tool of communication between humans.  Why would anyone want to be confusing or cause needless mental strain on their reader? It may take a few more minutes to craft a paragraph with proper spelling but that’s why writing is called a craft!  It’s not something to just toss down in any old fashion and figure it’s “good enough” even if it’s riddled with mistakes.  This attitude baffles me.  It’s selfish and at the same time it’s insulting to one’s own words.  If they’re worth sharing they’re worth getting right.

2 thoughts on “Beeng Kairfull With Wurds”

  1. You raise a good point in your column today. Although I have never considered myself a good writer and actually try to avoid the whole topic if possible. I’ve never viewed the art of writing as being a craft. I do appreciate a well written article and take care and pride on those occasions I do write, but a craft, never but something to consider for future reference.

    1. Well Allan, that’s why I appreciate someone like yourself who’s understanding about the occasional human error! I guess I’m just calling it a craft to try to get the point home to the careless among us that if you’re going to bother doing it, do it properly. Why present oneself as a mess? IT’S LIKE PEOPLE WHO ONLY WRITE IN CAPS – THEY SEEM OVERBEARING AND LIKE THEY’RE YELLING! Those who overlook loads of errors seem careless. 😀

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