Disco Gets Its Due

Finally, the genius that is Abba gets recognition from the music industry at large! 

Abba is going to be among the next inductees into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.  The ceremony will take place March 15th in New York. 

You have to understand that for those of us who were “there” when groups like Abba were big, there was little or no distinction between rock and pop and disco – it was all hit music and Lynyrd Skynyrd lived on the radio alongside Abba and the Eagles.  Now we can classify them as classic rock, disco and country-rock respectively but back then they were all just part of the potpourri that made up hit music radio.

The worldwide success of the Abba-based musical, Mamma Mia, is a testament to the longevity of their music.  It’s about time the history writers of rock and roll recognized their contribution.  Now they’ll take their rightful place alongside The Hollies, Jimmy Cliff, Iggy Pop and the Stooges and the other new inductees who helped influence the music we all love.