Mea Culpa on the Kiddies

Last night we found out why this area of the Las Vegas strip has so many kids.

We accidentally went down in an Excalibur elevator when we should have gone up, and discovered an entire floor that’s a child’s paradise.   It’s the biggest, most colourful fair we’ve ever seen.  Game after game after game with lights and things that whirr and ring and move.  Old fashioned games of chance with balloons to hit with darts are mixed in with newer-fangled machines with flashing lights and noise.  Children were playing any and everything, their little faces shiny with happiness!  There was a kids theatre and the entrance to a dinner theatre a la Medieval Times.  It must be what a child thinks heaven is like.  We couldn’t help but grin as we strolled through and absorbed the happy vibes.  And we noted another thing about our discovery – it’s the only place in Vegas that has a non-smoking sign.