What’s Really Different About Vegas

All of the strollers.

The Vegas I used to know was a grown-up playground.  They toyed with the “family friendly” image and I guess some of those families still haven’t gotten the message that the marketing campaign didn’t work because there are loads of toddlers and even infants being schlepped through casinos.  It’s weird.  And I wonder what the parents are thinking.  There hasn’t been an ad for the Wiggles among the billboards for Peep Show and Carrot Top and Jersey Boys so I don’t know what’s in it for the kids. 

I don’t want to sound anti-kid, because I’m not, but you have to understand that I arrived here in a time machine with only memories that date back a couple of decades.  My eyes are trained to look for hazards and unpredictable moguls closer to eye level.  Having to worry about what’s going on around my ankles – a wayward kid or a runaway  stroller – wasn’t part of the plan!