Sort of Like Old Times

I’m hosting the 1039FM morning show this week.

I don’t have to get up as early as I did for 680 News and the format is much less intense but it is still mornings and it’s giving me gentle flashbacks!  I sit here in my bathrobe at 2:10 in the afternoon unaffected by the dopey feeling in my brain because I remember all too well the post-nap haze that settles in.  Nothing but a little bit of time will get rid of it so one must fight a body that’s begging you to crawl back into bed.  It’s a truly crazy way to live which is why I eventually worked up the courage to change my life.  Thankfully, this run is brief and expectations on me are quite low!  Keep the seat warm, don’t muck up the giveaways and sponsorships and keep playing the hits.  I can do that…after a little nap….