Apostrophe Catastrophe

I know this isn’t new territory.  I know I’m bordering on a fixation.  But the errant apostrophe continues to drive me nuts!

It’s at its worst on Facebook.  There appears to be an entire generation that adds an apostophe to any word when it’s pluralized!  The sentence, “I saw three Santas at the mall” becomes…and I can hardly type this… “three Santa’s”….argh!

The apostrophe is a condiment not an entree! It’s only brought out for contractions and to show possession and…oh forget it. It’s a losing battle.  But if I’m ever found babbling something incoherent while rocking back and forth,  hugging my sides crouched in a corner, what I’ll be trying to say is, ‘apostrophe’!

1 thought on “Apostrophe Catastrophe”

  1. All I want for Xmas is the appropriate use of the ‘.

    Growing up, I was always taught by parents and teachers a like, that reading the written word, no matter the source was an effective way to enhance your literary skills, use of grammar and spelling. Being blind now, I’ve often been concerned about my writing skills since I know longer have this avenue to draw on and occasionally the simplest of words will dumfound me as to its spelling. Thank god I can’t read some of the so called modern forms of communications today! thanks, but I’ll continue to struggle based on my teachings of the past and what I can recall.

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