Apples and Oranges Rant

Complaints have sprung up from fundraisers for Haiti earthquake relief regarding some comments made by Conan O’Brien on his last Tonight Show.

Conan joked about spending as much of NBC’s money as he could before he left for good.  He rolled in a dinosaur skeleton and had it spray liquid caviar on an original Picasso!  Then, because some people are that stupid, he looked into the camera and said, “This is all fake!”  But the complaints are about making the joke at all in light of the situation in Haiti.  That’s just silly.  Some people want us to turn our lives on their heads and if we don’t, well, we just don’t care enough!  Please.  I could hate the Canadian fund-raising TV program, and I did, but it doesn’t mean I don’t care about the people of Haiti, because I do.  They’re mutually exclusive things.

Those complainants should turn their attention to Diddy who threw a Sweet 16 party for his son on the weekend.  The rap and record mogul commandeered a hot nightclub in New York for  1,000 partiers and gave his kid the keys to a $350,000 silver Maybach complete with a driver.  Diddy also handed his son a cheque for $10,000 which the lad – bless him – immediately and on his own, signed over to Wyclef Jean’s Haiti recovery foundation.  But Daddy, did he? No, Daddy didn’t.  He played the party up for MTV cameras and a future show.

This is actual wasted money not pretend wasted money!  Why isn’t someone screaming about the orphaned Haitian children in light of one boy being given so much?

And as for Sir Paul McCartney on whose butt I will continue to wail until he grows some sort of a conscience – still no Haiti donation.  Oh, Paul will join in for the recording of a fund-raising song and he’ll travel to far off lands to use his celebrity to promote worthy causes like the eradication of landminds and the saving of endangered animals. But will one of the richest musicians in the world write a damn cheque?  Not so much.