Hug me Tender

A neurologist in this city has been given a reprimand and fined $7,300. for hugging a patient.  This punishment comes from the doctors’ governing body.

The woman he hugged had been accepted into a higher studies program despite suffering from debilitating migraines.  The doctor hugged her for 5-7 seconds and admits that his cheek may have brushed her cheek.  He was charged with sexual assault and pleaded guilty to common assault for which he paid a $50 fine and was put on a year’s probation.

What in the world are we coming to?  This doctor isn’t a rampant and unrepentent hugger.  He acted spontaneously out of human compassion and still, she complained.  My goodness, you’d think he slapped her butt, flicked her bra strap and shouted, “Gimme some of that!”  Now he’s got a permanent mark on his record.  Show me where there was psychological or physical damage to the “victim” and I’ll show you an unnecessarily hysterical woman.

Sometimes sorry is enough.  Sometimes someone gets caught up in the moment and touches your (gasp!) shoulder without your consent.  And sometimes, if you have any shred of human decency and understanding you say, wow, bad judgment call, and you go on about your day.  But not this time.  And I feel very sad for both of them – the woman who doesn’t know the difference between an awkward moment and a criminal act, and the doctor who has a negative notation on his record because of a five second hug.