Um, Sorry!

I’m sorry!

If I haven’t responded to your email this week, I’m sorry.  If I’ve missed your message on Facebook – sorry!  If for any reason I have made you feel neglected or overlooked, truly sorry. 

I hope that covers everybody in advance of what’s going to be a nutty second half of a week, following a pretty nutty first half.  I am helping CPT Entertainment with The Racing Experience show this weekend at the Western Fair Agriplex and I’m helping to prepare for a major announcement by Delaware Speedway on Friday  that’s going to knock the socks off the racing world in this area.  Oh yeah, and I’m doing that outside of my full time job as radio host on 1039FM.  So I’m a little busy!  And I feel that a few other things might be falling through the cracks.  No one has said so, so far, but it’s only a matter of time.  Ergo the list of apologies off the top. Just in case.  Now please excuse me, but I have to go!

2 thoughts on “Um, Sorry!”

  1. You do what needs to be done, apologies not necessary and we’ll all still be here when you get back to blogging or catching up on your E-mails.

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