More Machu Picchu

I want to go there! 

See here’s the thing:  When you’re a motorcycle rider and you see someone’s bike in such close proximity to such a beautiful landscape, it causes a slight ache in the region of your heart!  You want to experience it for yourself.  Because for all of their loud pipes and safety concerns and everything else that goes along with being a biker rider, you really do feel at one with nature.  You don’t just drive through a beautiful area, you become a part of it.  You’re smelling the smells and feeling the air temperature drop or rise.  You’re in it, not separated by tons of steel and glass. So this photo of my brother Kevin’s bike in such an exquisite and unique setting creates a pang of longing to hit the open road.

However, I don’t have even a shred of interest in doing it the way Kevin has done it – on his own, leaving St. Catharines Ontario two months ago and riding the whole way.  If I were to tour around this part of Peru I would fly in and rent something to ride.  But the setting – ooooh!  It makes me happy for him and sad for me, that I’m not there too!  Vicarous living will have to do for now.