Sizing Things Up

Clothing manufacturers aren’t getting it.  Shopping for clothes is so frustrating I wish the people who determine the sizes would die like guinea pigs in Ecuador! 

OK, that was unnecessarily harsh.

What I really wish upon them is a particularly painful, ingrown toenail.  You know the kind that pinches when you’re walking because the nail has poked into the tender corner of your toe meat and it itches as well as hurts, sending a sharp needle of pain into your toe bone and there isn’t a thing you can do about it until you can finally get home and free your foot and jab around in there with a nail file making it hurt even worse but that’s almost enjoyable in weird way because you know that once you get that pokey thing out of the corner it’s going to stop bugging you every time you step?  Take that! 

Winter is in full swing so that means stores are making room for their spring merchandise and selling the cold weather stuff off at a discount.  So what’s left?  The teeny, tiny barbie doll sizes, that’s what. I thought it would be a good time to find a deal on a coat and yes indeed, the prices are awesome but that’s because the selection is literally so wee. Anything above a size 10 is gone.  It is enough to make a person to just give up, cut the ends off a barrel and strap it on.  I did find one coat that I really liked but it was missing several buttons.  “That’s the last one”, the saleswoman told me, deadpan.  “You have to take it as-is.”  Bite me, I thought.  Take that, as is.

If they could only agree on the sizes, that would be a start.  If it would make it easier, let’s go back to using odd numbers as well. Instead of just 6, 8, 10, let’s toss 7, 9 and 11 in there as well. Reitmans does it and it makes a difference.  Honestly, I don’t care what the number is, make it 563 for all I care, just make it so that I can look for 563 and have a reasonable expectation that it will fit me!

Now I’m wishing that I had cursed the clothing people with something other than a foot problem because shoes are the last place where you can actually pick out your usual size and it will likely fit.  Anything above the ankle and it’s every woman for herself.

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  1. It would appear that your coming to the same realization about women apparel sizing that men have always recognized and the bases for why we can’t successfully buy any apparel for our partners. I recall reading somewhere, that clothing manufactures several years ago adjusted their sizing of apparel downward to provide a psychological impression that your dress size hadn’t truly increased over the years. Who were they trying to kid? A couple of years ago I discovered that there is actually a size 00, say what! and who?
    think I’ll stick to discovering the meaning of the universe, its much easier!

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