Drawing on Inspiration

One of the attractions at this year’s World of Motorcycles Expo was live tattooing. 

We had it on site last year as well but this year it was even more exciting because of the talent artists involved and the people who were getting the work done.  Most of them were major pieces on the thigh or the back.  It was jaw-dropping for show-goers who had never seen a tattoo applied before. 

One guy was getting a face put on his thigh.  The artist was creating a perfect rendition of a photograph – absolutely perfect.  The artistry involved is top notch. You only get one chance to get it right so the guy or gal had better be good!   Anyway, a friend and I were watching it unfold and trying to decide what it was supposed to represent.  My first thought was that it was this dude, from the Planet of the Apes.

But upon further reflection, I think it was more like this one, the hobbit that’s ostensibly part of the process of human evolution.

The actual tattoo was a little hairier and – if possible – more attractive!  Regardless, he is now on the thigh of a young man forever.  One piercing artist I chatted with had one of his tattoo artist friends put a small camel on his big toe…so he could say he had a camel toe.  He said everything he did was for a laugh.  Under one arm, he had the symbol for toxic chemicals.  Man, that must have hurt!  Tattooists are also artists and their painted and sketched works hung proudly in their booths as they created art on the skin of their customers.  It’s just one more fascinating aspect of the show that people don’t normally get a chance to see.