The Problem With London Motorists…Part II

I’ve previously identified London drivers as a group of inexplicable brake tappers. Oh, they love to light up their tails and make you think you need to prepare to stop when it’s more likely that they’re reaching over into the back seat to get a candy or touching up their make-up in the mirror. 

As I drove in to the station the other morning in fairly heavy traffic, one driver made a bonehead move that also showed another aspect of the personality of London drivers.  They’re nice – to a fault!  As we traveled a long stretch of stoplight-less pavement an ol’ dude came to a full stop to let a jaywalker cross.  The walker was actually still across the westbound lanes of the road but this goofball made those of us eastbound come to a complete stop to let him go.  Even the pedestrian was waving us on, like, dude, what are you doing? You’re holding up rush hour traffic for me? I didn’t ask you to! 

The world works when we all act sensibly.  Stopping dozens of cars full of people on their way to work to let a guy cross illegally is not sensible!  I’ve seen versions of this all over the city. People stop to let someone turn left out of a parking lot despite the fact that traffic is too heavy for them to do anything but block us all as they wait in our lanes to make that left.  Stupid.  What these people need to consider is what’s best for the majority.  Presumably the drivers or walkers who find themselves in awkward and difficult positions aren’t transporting toddlers who are bleeding from the eyes.  If they were in a desperate rush, they’d find another way out of their little jam.  If it makes sense then, sure, always let someone in.  But to hold up so many people for one, when they’re not even supposed to be doing what they’re doing when they’re doing it, that’s just dumb.

Not all London drivers conduct themselves in this manner, of course.  But it happens often enough that I play a little game in my head called, What Stupid Thing Is He Gonna Do?  I’ve almost racked up enough bonus points to win the grand prize: a gun that only shoots out tires, leaving the offender on the side of the road and out of my way.