Random Thoughts

Never get into the water with any type of swimming mammal that has “Killer” built right into its name.

That unfortunate trainer who was killed by a whale reminds me of the guy who went to live with bears.  Too much familiarity breeds a lack of respect for animal instinct.  This particular whale had already killed two people.  That would make it a serial killer.  And we know you can’t trust them on land or in the water.

The world works in ways you can’t control so you may as well give up the reins.  I’m happier since I have done that.  No expectations.  There’s no one way things can turn out so don’t bet the farm on something you’ve decided is it.  I can’t remember the last time I’ve been disappointed.  My brother is in Argentina as I write this, preparing to fly home, and there has been a major earthquake in Chile, where he spent a lot of time riding.  You can’t control that stuff.  Just  be happy when it turns out well.

If you’re in a philosophical mood, rent The Invention of Lying.  The start of the film is fall-on-the-floor funny and then it gets into religion and how it can pacify the people.  It’s like nothing I’ve ever seen before and it stars, and was co-written, by Ricky Gervias, who is beyond brilliant in my books. He directed it too.  If you want a well acted gangster flick with lots of “you’ll never get me copper!” and cat and mouse game-playing between the good guys and bad, get Public Enemies. If Johnny Depp has ever been anything less than excellent in a movie, I’ve never seen it.