Selling Sensible Sight

I have a little sideline sales project. Well, WE have one.  It’s a case where we liked the product so much, we bought the company…er…or something like that. 

They are stick-on magnifying lenses that turn any glasses – even cheap sunglasses – into bifocals.  You apply them with water and remove them with the flick of a fingernail. They will stay where you put them and if you want to, they’ll reapply to different glasses over and over.  They come in prescription strengths from 1.25 up to 3.oo. Some guys use them on workshop goggles.  The idea is, you see normally through whatever glasses you are wearing but when you need extra magnification, you look lower, through the stick-ons and you’ll be able to, say, read instructions.  We wear them for riding the motorcycle and it saves having to haul out a pair of reading glasses each time a map or GPS has to be consulted.

I feel a bit like the Slap Chop guy (you’re gonna love my nuts!) but they really are practical and we thought, hey, if we find them so useful maybe others will too.  We sold them at the motorcycle show and people really got it.  I had several pairs of safety glasses with different strengths of lenses on them.  A couple of guys actually came over just to hand me their glasses and demand that I clean them!!  But most people totally got it.  They’re 15 bucks a pair.  You know where to find me if you’re interested!